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The Hanover Insurance Group does a lot of business in Oklahoma and plans to keep it that way. Responding to an Insurance Journal article that inaccurately reported the company was pulling out of the state, The Hanover said that was not true. “We have not withdrawn from the Oklahoma market,” said company spokesperson Mike Buckley. READ MORE >>

Baptisteries are usually the scenes of joyful celebrations but problems can arise around your worship center’s baptistery. Fires, drowning, infections, slips and falls can injure or even kill people. READ MORE >>

Believe it or not, insurance plays an extremely large role in marriage. As a married couple, you transition from having independent financial responsibilities and assets to having joint responsibilities and assets. As you set off on your postnuptial journey, consider how the following insurance plans can help enhance your joint financial life. READ MORE >>

The bundling of insurance policies is the process of having multiple lines of coverage through a single carrier. This can mean having your home, auto and vacation home insurance through one company or having disability, long-term care, and auto through a single insurer. READ MORE >>

Commercial property insurance is an important protection for all businesses to have, but what happens if your equipment breaks down for reasons other than an insurable incident? What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover? Your commercial property coverage only offers benefits when your equipment is damaged by a fire, storm, theft, or other covered peril. READ MORE >>

There is no question that Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) offer an attractive, flexible and affordable way to insulate and protect the outside of a home. While the materials themselves cannot be permeated by water, that doesn’t mean they actually create a waterproof exterior for your client’s home. READ MORE >>

Permanent insurance is different from term insurance in that it’s a bit more binding. For example: term life may have a decreasing premium while permanent insurance generally has a fixed premium. Also, the death benefit on a term insurance policy may increase or decrease and a permanent pol... READ MORE >>

Benefits for the Terminally Ill Depending on how you structure it, a life insurance policy can be a pretty cut and dried product. On a most basic level, the policy guarantees that a death benefit will be paid out to the named beneficiaries after the death of the insured, provided the premiums ha... READ MORE >>

In the business world employees generally get paid when they work, when they take vacation or sick time, or when they have disability insurance coverage and a qualifying disability. If you want to secure disability insurance to ensure that your family still has an income to rely on should yo... READ MORE >>

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