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ECI Agency Inc Blog: 9_2016

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We live in a microwave society. The answers are only a click or a Google  search away to finding out what that strange rash is  on your arm. Information is immediate. This is a blessing. The general consumer can do their homework before buying and even make that purchase from the comfort of their own home. READ MORE >>

You’re buying your first bike. It’s a thrilling moment. You may be thinking more along the lines of how that bike is going to look in your driveway and how much speed you can get on your next trip, but you also need to think about how you will protect it on the road. READ MORE >>

With the upcoming elections in full swing, our newsfeeds are inundated with coverage of both candidates. Trump said this or Hilary did that is the front page news. Rule number one in business is that one should never talk politics, but we can definitely talk about a part of the campaign. READ MORE >>

Travel insurance can prove to be very valuable if something should happen while you are traveling. Whether you become ill and need help with medical bills overseas or you need help replacing your luggage, you’ll appreciate having this type of insurance in place no matter what happens. READ MORE >>

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