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ECI Agency Inc Blog: 9_2014

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Insurance is like a life jacket—you are so thankful you have it when you need it. And if you don’t have it, you are one car wreck, illness or house fire away from drowning—not in the ocean, but in debt. It’s sort of funny that, as important as insurance is, no one likes to talk about it. READ MORE >>

It’s amazing how Google can change your life. Well, maybe not your life, but it can change the topic pretty darn fast when it comes to writing an article. When I went to search the topic that I was intending to write about the first phrase I typed was, “Are all insurance companies…” We have all Googled. READ MORE >>

Before any potential disasters can occur, it's important to take the time to review your homeowners or renters insurance policy and make sure you have the right amount and type of coverage. Here are five tips to properly insure your home: Review Your Insurance—Before You Have a Loss! READ MORE >>

Everyone is different when it comes to their home insurance needs. To ensure that you have the proper coverage make sure your homeowners insurance can cover the following areas: Structure of home: Insure your home its replacement value. This is how much it would cost to build your home from scratch. READ MORE >>

As you plan your next vacation, you may not be thinking about insuring it. In order to stay protected, though, travel insurance is something that you should take into consideration. Insure what is too costly to lose. Not every trip you take needs travel insurance. READ MORE >>

I’ve been told that I am my mother’s daughter more than a couple of times. I look like her, I talk like her, and am, essentially a blonde version a few years younger. That being said though, my Mom majored in Fashion Merchandise so we were brought up to love clothes. READ MORE >>

By federal law, everyone with a vehicle is required to have car insurance. Whether you're paying per month, every six months or annually, drivers are looking for ways to save money. Here are some discounts to ask your independent insurance agent about. Many discounts relate to your driving record. READ MORE >>

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